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I like the Evora in both sizes!! I say go for it!


ol, i know the main purpose of the wallet wouldnt be to fit my phone in it, but i was just wondering in the rare occasions if i want to just carry it by itself as a clutch since it has a D-ring i thought i can attach a wristlet strap to it. Of course if it can fit a phone it would be super handy as a clutch.Im deciding between


odeon mm ????what do you think

It looks like a durian.

Let's warm up with the small stuff - it shouldn't be difficult!


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, Oh Trisha... that's funny!! Glad you're loving her! ,

y first was the Babylone, ugh, I hate that big bulky bag, straps fell off shoulder and it was to tall and pointy at the top - sold it. 2nd Cabas Piano, that bag is so annoying with the heavy duty zipper, every time you go in the bag the zipper scratches your hand up. And since the zippe


we it is so much fun when you get your LV but even better when you're given LV! Not only does this person really cares about you but doesn't judge your for wanting an expensive bag! Now that is the best when they are loved ones too! Because don't we know we get enough grief from strangers and others that think you are insane for spending so much on a bag. Having said that my DH gave me some shoes, bandeau, Bloomsbury pm, totally azure, and aquarelle papillon. These item


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Thanks !I was tempted to use the detergents I use for regular clothing.But I'm just scared. louis vuitton
,btw i think i made my choice, ill go for the NF MM.. my mum will also be much happier with that choice since she's buying it haha. i just wanted to say thank you to everybody who gave me advice! and ill post pics when i got it louis vuitton bag,
I just got the Infini and I it! You mentioned you didnt care for Navy so maybe this wouldnt be the one for you so I would go with the Ombre! You can lose either way, they are both great colors imo...good luck! louis vuitton luggage

why not koala? if a don't remember wrong as a window pocket.. louis vuitton purse

I am planning a treat soon and the bucket is on my shortlist. Waiting to pop to the London Bond Street store to make a final decision! tablet pc

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